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Video Marketing Strategy: How to Use Video to Promote Your Brand

Video content is now more accessible than ever. Brands can quickly create and share content and the tools for measuring ROI are easily available as well.

Why do you need a strategy?

Just like any other form of content, a strategy is needed to leverage the content. A strategy will enable you to identify the objective.

How do you create a strategy?

Step 1: Audit your video content

To do this, list the videos, collect metrics, determine how popular the videos are and which ones increased the hits on your website.

Step 2: Create a video marketing funnel

Here is an easy breakdown of the steps to take when making the funnel:

  • Attract the top of the funnel- make educational content

  • Key metrics; video view count and engagement

  • Educate at the middle of the funnel-share why your solution works

  • Key metric; Watch-Time

  • Convert at bottom of the funnel - persuade buyers to take the next step

  • Key metric; Conversion; sign-ups, leads or sales

Step 3: Create engaging videos

The most effective videos always grab attention and hold it as they progress. How?

  • Create a powerful hook - the first sentence or idea has to capture their attention immediately.

  • Deliver value - valuable information, new information or even laughter needs to be delivered.

  • Close with a clear, strong call to action.

Maximize your video marketing strategy

A few tips:

  1. Know your buyers

  2. Promote value

  3. Promote your videos


Before you pick the camera to hit record, take the time to develop an effective video marketing strategy. Take time to learn about your buyers to attract, educate and convert the audience into buyers.

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