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What content marketing metrics really matter

Content marketing can be overwhelming because it doesn’t automatically result in direct, solid results. By distinguishing and examining vital metrics, however, content marketing can become an important indicator of the success of your online presence.

Leads and sales often don’t immediately follow content marketing, making it difficult to fully recognise and appreciate the value of your efforts. But by monitoring fundamental metrics, you can amass a full picture of how people are interacting with content on your online platforms. These metrics will aid in the measurement of how consumers are responding to the content you’ve published, and how to tweak and develop your content to better reflect your brand and boost engagement with your products or services.

This article takes you through the metrics that are easy to see and those that you need to dig a little deeper to uncover to make exploring metrics as a whole, a less intimidating task:

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Photo by Jason Coudriet on Unsplash

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Campaigning in the age of algorithms

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