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What Data Doesn’t Tell You: How to Create a Community-First Strategy

Brands nowadays have access to so much customer data, which is a gold mine to understanding clients.

This data-driven approach is great but can also be a trap. Data-driven doesn’t mean data-dictated. Marketers risk losing the essence of their social media brand entity.

Canon Australia used data-analysis to determine the kind of portraits that got the most engagement, landscape photos. Soon after, their community called them out for that because what drew the community in the first place was their diverse content. By taking this input of a more qualitative approach, they became very successful.

Data-driven or community-driven? The answer is both.

Social media is very much a two-way conversation and a great place to get first-hand feedback from your community, especially or brands that appeal to a passionate niche like camera brands.

Use Social Media to understand audience interests, demographics and the overlap between your followers and followers of other brands.

Experiment, Measure, Optimize

Start creating content that you think appeals to the interests of your community.

You can try multiple angles, but you should always ensure that you’re able to track the impact of each tactic on your performance. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify and focus what works best for your brand.

Engage with and listen to your community

  • Use the poll options

  • Ask your community questions

  • Interact in the comments

In the end, be informed by data, but nothing beats a dash of genuine human interaction.

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