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What distinguishes the PR-elite from average PR-experts

How can we distinguish between an average communication professional and an outstanding one? A new study by News Aktuell names four aspects that contribute to the excellence in corporate communications.

In order to distinguish between excellent and average communication experts, the participants of the survey assessed themselves by rating the success of their respective corporate communications and comparing it with their competitors. According to these results, the researchers divided the respondents into two groups, namely the "basic PR experts" and "communication elite".

Here are some of the major results of the study:

1. Reputation: The communication elite rated the importance of corporate and product image significantly higher than the basic PR experts. While measuring the company’s reputation is important to an overwhelming 87% of the outstanding PR professionals it was only important to 61% of the average communication professionals.

2. Targeting: The communication elite also have a better grasp of their target groups. Besides to customers which constitutes the most important target group, other stakeholders such as employees, shareholders and the public were rated equally important by 45% of the communication experts. Among the basic PR experts, only 28% shared this view.

3. Cooperation with the executive board: There is also a big difference between excellent and average communication in terms of close cooperation with the executive board. While 48% of the PR elite see themselves as a business partner of the executive board, 17% of the basic PR experts work independently and set their own goals or derives them from the corporate strategy (27%).

4. Networking: Internal network communication is further much more pronounced in the companies of the communication elite (59%) than among the basic PR experts (36%).

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