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What Is Content Curation in Social Media?

What is content curation in social media?

Curating content means finding content that your audience finds interesting, relevant and engaging which has not been created by yourself.

To curate content that your audience will enjoy, start by following relevant hashtags, searching on social media and following relevant keywords. You could also save the content for future use by using content calendars.

Benefits of curated content:

  • Helps you keep up with demands of social media algorithms

  • Staying present and relevant

  • Sharing a great amount of content

  • Saves you much time and effort

What are the keys to successful content:

  • Your content needs to be relevant and engaging

  • Put your own spin to share an opinion or interesting thought on the content before you share it.

  • Add a context to the post before sharing it

What’s the ideal mix of curated versus original content?

The mix can vary from 60%,70%80% curated to 40%.30%,20% original content. It is hard work to keep your feed up-to-date if you rely on original content alone. It’s better to share or repost content as this will reduce the amount of stress and time associated with creating original content.

When it comes to creating original content, let it be rich and long content with useful information.


Remember to share information that is relevant to your audience for the best results.

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