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What potential does the product search tool search have on LinkedIn?

The new search filter for products on LinkedIn offers huge potential to companies that have created products on the platform. Over 80,000 products are already listed.

As the new year begins, many platforms are coming up with innovations for users. LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that can offer benefits to users and companies alike.

On LinkedIn, users can now select a filter specifically for products via the search function.

On one hand, this gives users the chance to find suitable products for their business context. On the other hand, companies have the opportunity to present their software and tools to relevant audiences - including visuals, posts, and descriptions.

Searchers can use the CTA button "Show pages" to get to the respective product page. Information about the tool or software can then be found there. The level of detail depends on how extensively a company has created and maintained the product page. For some tools, product media such as explanatory videos, product highlights such as posts about new functions of the tool, and an explanation of the product are stored. Sometimes it is also indicated for which professions the tools are suitable.

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If you use the product filter for the search without entering a keyword, around 82,000 results are displayed, from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Canva to Facebook Ad Manager. This is particularly exciting for tool providers who want to display their products in an eye-catching way and for the right target group.

Tool expert Jens Polomski also reports on this potential, drawing attention to the search feature in a post on LinkedIn. Polomski sees a big advantage in the environment: since certain business bubbles exist on LinkedIn anyway, the references to tools for these - if they are possibly highlighted by posts or mentions of well-known people or even influencers from the appropriate field - are possibly more valuable contextually than on other sites.

While LinkedIn already displays selected customers or top experts related to a product, the platform wants to work on the display to provide companies with even more scope for product presentation.

Possible follow-up features for the search filter

LinkedIn's product pages are not yet in Google's index, according to Jens Polomski, but could still become relevant for SEO. After all, LinkedIn recently integrated an SEO tool for articles and newsletters as well. There are many other ways to make product pages more appealing to searchers and potential users. The integration of user ratings could prove to be just as helpful as the reference to best cases. Furthermore, a LinkedIn user suggests that experts could be deposited as tool experts in order to offer assistance in the use of the products. This could also be an important moment to offer marketing, tool, and tech experts even more room to develop the product pages.

It is also possible that the search filters will be displayed more prominently in the future. Up to now, after entering a keyword in the search bar, users first have to scroll through a search results page that displays posts, companies, jobs, people, groups, etc. However, they can alternatively enter a keyword in the search field. Alternatively, they can also select a single filter after entering it - after the keyword entry, however.

How to create a product page on LinkedIn

Anyone who wants to create a product page on LinkedIn and use it to promote their tools, managers, or software must first have a company account. In addition, according to LinkedIn, product pages are currently only available for business-to-business software (B2B software), computer hardware, financial services, insurance, education, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. For the feature set, LinkedIn explains on the help page:

You can create a main product page if your product name matches the name of your page or focus page. Main product pages offer different features than standard product pages. If your company offers more products, you can create up to 35 additional product pages. Visitors: inside your site will see only the ten most recently created product pages.

From the Super Admin view, users can find the "Products" tab and then select the "Add Product" option. If the product and the company have the same name, a main product page can be created. Otherwise, the selection "No, my product has a different name" should be used before clicking "Next". Once the administrator:s have selected the product name, they can add relevant details using the edit function. LinkedIn highlights the mandatory fields. For a main product page, both the product name and logo as well as the URL cannot be edited after the product page is published. Before publishing the product page on LinkedIn, it still needs to be approved by the platform (for this, the saved elements can be submitted for review).

You can learn more about LinkedIn product pages and their creation from the network's linked help pages.

For a more comprehensive breakdown in German, Click here

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