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Why Social Listening Matters for Growing Your Business

Most of your clients are talking about you behind your back. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear what they are saying? Essentially you can. Using a few popular social media tools, you can find the whispers of your audience to capture their true feelings, the ones they are afraid to say to your face. While it is easy to find your champions, it is more important to find your adversaries, to be able to address concerns before they blow out of proportion. Hootsuite is one platform that allows companies to listen to not only their clients, but also their competitors; providing a unique advantage to crafting targeted marketing campaigns.

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Die besten Kampagnen sind die, die von der Zielgruppe selbst entwickelt werden. Sie erzielen bis zu vier Mal bessere Resultate.

Dafür hat business campaigning GmbH das Target Community Lab™ entwickelt, ein spezielles Workshop-Design, das schon seit 15 Jahren Laien befähigt, Kampagnen-Konzepte zu entwickeln. Zum Beispiel die Kampagne für den Schweizer Kinohit «Mein Name ist Eugen».

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