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Why Trust and Authenticity are Integral to the Future of Visual Language

Our news feeds and screens are now the windows to the world especially during this social distancing age.

As marketers, we must empower our social channels with authentic visual content in line with the IRL and WFH life.

Digital Strategy Director Asad Shaykh and Unsplash CEO and Co-founder Mikael Cho came together to explore how Unsplash is empowering its community from WFH life to supporting the UN through a visual Public Service Announcement system.

Here are the primary insights and takeaways:

  • The more people can create the more progress we’ll see

  • Authenticity is key to remain social

  • Trust and humanity are core to adapting to a growing immersive reality

United Nations using Unsplash

When the UN issued a global callout to creatives to share visuals in the fight against COVID-19, 17,000 submissions came in. Unsplash jumped the opportunity and created an account for the UN. All the UN visuals will be available to the 1,820 API partners of Unsplash including Medium, Buzzfeed, Squarespace, Figma, Notion and Adobe.

Unsplash used its platform to become a visual Public Service Announcement system for the UN


When people collect images, they are grounded in human inspiration and interpretation. Currently, there are over 10M user-generated collections on Unsplash.

Unsplash saw a 2,000 per cent (2M to 45M) uptick in DIY centred content

The key to authenticity is usefulness and trust.

Authenticity is key to if you want to resonate with people. Just like Tiktok focuses more on the rawness over professional quality, so does Unsplash where some may have the best cameras while others use their mobile phones.

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