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YouTube: New Tools and Insights for Advertisers

With user numbers continuing to grow, YouTube wants to help advertisers increase their reach with dynamic lineups and new insights.

Video content on YouTube is increasingly replacing regular television. Especially the younger generations hardly use the offer of the daily television program. Instead, videos of their favourite creators are streamed on YouTube and Co. - often even on the television.

The amount of time that adults and children consume YouTube videos on TV screens has increased by 80 per cent for YoY. This offers a great opportunity for marketers who can run their campaigns on YouTube at a much lower cost than a traditional TV advertising campaign. To make this as effective as possible, YouTube is adding several tools for marketers this week, including enhanced insights and a new targeting option.

One of the interesting innovations is the announced so-called YouTube Dynamic Lineups. YouTube explains these as follows:

Advanced contextual targeting is the next generation of content targeting on YouTube. It uses Google's machine learning to better understand each channel on YouTube, including analysis of video imagery, sound, speech and text.

For example, instead of embedding ads only in the context of "lifestyle", you can now select "home and garden" or "home improvement" to target a more appropriate audience. In the ideal case, this would mean that less budget would have to be planned to reach potential customers. The Dynamic Lineups are to be rolled out in ten stores by the end of September, with more to follow.

More data, more insights, better reach

YouTube also extends the existing partnership with data analysis company Nielsen. Advertisers in the USA, the United Kingdom and Italy will be able to access Nielsen's Total Ad Ratings. The data will help advertisers to increase their reach in a cost-effective way. PepsiCo Beverages was able to use the data from the "Gift it Forward" campaign to achieve great success.

Although the number of viewers on YouTube is likely to have risen, particularly as a result of the lockdown decided in the wake of the corona crisis, the trend is moving away from traditional television and towards online videos even without Covid-19. The new tools and insights can help increase the success of ad campaigns on YouTube and reach the right audience for less money.

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