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How does the Facebook Ad System Work?

How does Facebook advertising system work? How can you optimize them to get the best reach and results for your business?

First of all, there are two factors that Facebook takes into consideration to determine which ads to show users.

  • Audience targeting, which is selected by advertisers and determines which people are eligible to see each ad

  • It’s an ad action process, which is based on a range of factors relating to bid price, individual user engagement and ad quality

You can use Facebook’s in-depth targeting tools and specify your audience. Lookalike audience is also a great feature that matches the profile data of your customers against other profiles to find people who show the same interests.

Facebook has a complex eligibility process. Based on eligible ads, Facebook will determine a “winner” for each user based on

  • Advertiser Bid - Amount of money you allocate

  • Estimated Action Rate - The likelihood of users taking action

  • Ad quality - Based on users feedback

Facebook’s ad auction utilizes a range of factors determined by systems and many are different to influence but creativity and creating the right content for your audience will improve performance.

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