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How Paid Content Works on Instagram

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How Paid Content Works on Instagram

Influencers are discovering a new way of monetizing: Those who are put on their "Close Friends" list for a fee get extra content.

The payment limits are now also going up on Instagram. Instagrammers have opened up a new business model: the "Close Friends" feature, which anyone can add to their profile. Actually, it is intended to share more private information, with closer acquaintances.

According to an OMR report, some influencers have now discovered a monetization option in this feature. The principle: If you want to be included in this list of close friends, you can do so by paying a certain amount.

Exclusives for close friends

In return, the follower receives exclusive content that cannot be seen in the general posts and stories - such as personal items, answers to questions or other content such as stories, poems, live discussions and the like.

The model is already relatively widespread internationally. If you want to raise a pay barrier there, you can use the portal This not only offers providers in the social media sector the opportunity to launch a "Membership" variant, but also other creative people - such as podcasters, journalists and photo artists.

Share of sales

In return, Patreon receives a share of the monthly turnover that the respective content producer earns with his content. Depending on the intensity of the service, this costs from five percent for the light version up to 12 percent for the premium package.

In Germany, the business model is a little less widespread, but there are already providers who are helping to set it up - such as the Steady platform. Like Patreon, it offers customers support in setting up the offering. In return, the platform retains a share of the customer's transaction revenues - a uniform ten percent.

Among the users of Steady are already Übermedien and the BildBlog. But also the first Instagrammers to have discovered the tool, such as Anna Brachetti, who runs the parent blog langsam Achtsam Echt, the podcast Gedankensalat and the vegan food blog Eat this!

Paying visitors accept the paywall - if the quality is right. "Finally added value again. Thanks for that", commented a follower of langsam Achtsam Echt. "Superficial, self-presentation of the skirmish on Instagram is so annoying." So for content with added value, it's definitely a payment model that could go to school.

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